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29 Aug

Useful Phrases In Hindi Makes Travel Easier in India


It is always a little tricky to fit amidst the local crowd. In India it becomes all the more difficult due to the variety of languages spoken in the country. It is definitely not easy to learn the local language. Pronunciation are the key to put across the sentence, our post will give you certain phrases from the language which will come in handy.

For those who do not know, Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the country and most of the people in India understand this language. So remember if you are backpacking around India, this post is definitely for you.


Namaste or the Indian Hello


It is one of the most popular word from India and by now the entire world knows it. It is said by folding the palms of hand in humility.

What Is your name would be the common question you would answer in India and so the second phrase you should learn is…

Mera Naam Hai Or My Name Is…

(May-Raa Naam… Hay)

Very easy to remember and a simple sentence will make others feel you are from India.

In English or any other language, the second phrase that comes to the mind after a Hello is How are you?

We have the Indian How Are You for you.

Kaise Ho? Or How Are You?


This phrase literally translate to how are you, and so whenever you meet an Indian this would be the perfect ice-breaker phrase.

Guests always have a problem asking how much does a particular item cost when they go shopping. We understand and that’s the fourth phrase you learn today.

Kitne Ka Hai? Or How much for this?

(Kit- Nay- Ka- Hai)

So if you really like something next time and do not want to pay an additional amount for not knowing the local language then learn this sentence. If you think the vendor is overpriced say bohot zyada hai which means, it’s a lot.

Oh Ya! We Read Your Mind We din’t tell you about the Yes and No’s yet.

Yes- Haan, No- Na

Haan translates to yes and Na to no. So next time you do not want something say a Na and walk away.

Like some parts of world, In India also you might be asked or rather be forced to buy something when you go to the typical market.

Next time you go through this situation Just say Nahi Chahiye and walk away like a boss.

Nahi Chahiye or Don’t Want It


We know you want to say a lot of Thank You’s from the shopping place to the tuk-tuk guy, from the accommodation to our very beautiful country.

Dhanyawaad/Shukriya Means Thanks You


India is famous for its Masala Chai and You would surely want to have one Hot and Garam

Garam or Hot


So next time you are served a hot beverage cold just say Garam Nahi Hai and you would get the hottest tea served immediately J

Similarly, we know you want your Beer cold

So say Thanda or cold 



Let’s learn a few numbers now

Ek- One

Do- Two

Teen- Three

Chaar- Four

Paanch- Five

Che- Six

Saath- Seven

Aath- Eight

Nau- Nine

Dus- Ten

Shunya- Zero

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