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26 Aug

Why Should You Experience Diwali In India At least Once?

Diwali in India is more than firecrackers and Candles. This festival represents the start of a new year in Hindu calendar. It is celebrated to honor the victory of good over evil, and also to welcome winter. The actual reason behind celebrating Diwali was to welcome Rama and Sita to the kingdom of Ayodhya after 14 years.Diwali is celebrated every year in the month of October or November, depending on the moon cycle. This year the five-day festival starts on 27 of October. Each day has a new meaning and is celebrated with a lot of excitement.

First Day popularly known as the Dhanteras marks the start of the festival. On this day people purchase gold or silver and worship the goddess of wealth. This day is dedicated to prosperity and wealth

The Second day is known as the Naraka Chaturdasi. This day is dedicated to Lord Krishna, who happen to destroy a demon Narakasura.

The third day happens to be the day known as the Diwali. All the houses are lit with clay lamps, decorated with flowers, lights, and Rangoli. Women of the house dress in bright colored traditional wear and men perform Pooja at the place of work. The homes are cleaned from top to bottom for this day, and a lot of  Indian delicacies are made for the guests. People are seen greeting each other, playing cards and having a good time.

The fourth day is called the New year. It is the day to open a fresh account, pray for a prosperous new year.

The fifth day is known as the Bhai Dhuj, Bhai in Hindi means brother, and this day is dedicated to the brother. Brothers and sisters get together and celebrate the beautiful bond between them.

Where can one experience the best Diwali??

Rajasthan is one of the best places to experience Diwali if it is your first time. The entire city is lit up, homes are adorned with lights and lamps, there is color everywhere. Jaipur is said to be the most beautifully lit up market and attracts a lot of visitors from India and abroad.

Varanasi: See fireworks on river Ganges all night. This city goes crazy this time of the year, candles and diyas are floated on the river and is a spectacular sight.

CrashPad- A Hostotel is also organizing a Diwali Dhamaka for the guests. Take a walk through the street, burst fire crackers, enjoy sweets and savouries and know more about Diwali from the locals. Don’t forget to be there to experience the unexpected.

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